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therapeutic program

A team of multidisciplinary therapeutic experts will complement the teachers to work on specific therapies as recommended :

Speech and Language Training will approach Language disorders

The Occupational Therapy will provide re-education and rehabilitation through physical activity

The Behavior Therapy targets psychiatric disorders

Therapies with proven track records will be implemented. This includes for instance French method “Hugo and the Kings” aiming at correcting language disorder or the PADOVAN method focusing on stimulating muscles in the body.

The Octofun Educational Teaching Method

The Octofun educational teaching method has been developed based on Harvard teacher/ cognitive psychologist and author : Howard Gardner’s studies on positive psychology through his theory of “multiple intelligences”.

It is about growing the 8 defined energy balls that each child has within himself, to make him aware of his dominant intelligences, while showing him that they are not exclusive and that one can, through one’s school life, make all the others grow.

And above all, this positive psychology emphasizes the pleasure of learning.

The 8 energy balls
Kinesthetic intelligence
Musical intelligence
Intrapersonal intelligence
Interpersonal intelligence
Linguistic-verbal intelligence
Spatial intelligence
Naturalistic intelligence
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