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SCHOOL events


Every month our structure will offer the opportunity for the parents all of us (pedagogic team, staff members and children) to celebrate an event. This one will be in link for example with the French culture but not only : important national days of Dubai and some international events as the international day of children or general thematic as the seasons.

School Events Calendar

Galette des rois

Celebration of the french tradition of the galette. We can invite the families to share this cake with us to make them discover our culture. Children will have created their own crowns during the creative activity.



Celebration of the french tradition of the chandeleur. We will cook crêpes and share it with people and children. Children will have made the crêpes preparation during the cooking activity and decorate the room with different decorations, made during the creative activity, in order to make it festive.

Super héros enfants



Organization of a mini parade with all the children dressed with different costumes and masks created during the creative activity.

L'équipe de recherche


Celebration of the Easter time with an egg hunt in the garden. Children will decorate their own basket during the creative activity and paint some eggs to decorate the room.

Table d'extérieur Anniversaire

Garden party

We will celebrate the new season of Spring. We will organize a garden party where children will be offering a small picnic to their families (cake, fruits and juice) and where there will some group games like a relay.

Extérieur de la Mosquée blanche


Normally at the end of June all the Muslim of the world are celebrating the end of the holy month of Ramadan. According the EAU’s tradition, we will celebrate it with the families and the children sharing some candies and small presents.

Guirlande de drapeaux français

French national day

On 14th of July, French people are celebrating the national day recording the Bastille’s day. We will celebrate it through a small French culture representation: French flags, French hymn and songs and a small children’s show with the French vocabulary they will have learnt.

vacances exotiques


During the holidays, our structure will be closed.

main levée

Beginning of the scholar year

This event can be the opportunity to gather all the families, the children and the school’s member in order to introduce themselves to each other, and to present all the scholar year program.

Conseil famille Jeu

International day of children

Celebration of all the children around the world through this meeting of families and children. We will organize small games and animations.

Jour de la famille en plein air

Family meeting

Second meeting with all the members of the school in order to insure to make them feeling comfortable and to resume the first 2 months made though a pictures and video projection. It will be the occasion to discuss about the education program and stare the ideas.

main levée

Emirates national day

Celebration of the Emirates national day through some traditional songs and meals.


International day of people with disabilities

Celebration of the International day of people with disabilities with all the families, the children and the Institute’s members. This event will be the most important for us and we will organize different activities showing how we do Inclusion and how children with disabilities can have their own place.

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