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Our staff

Our professional and suitable staff

In the IMSD, we make sure to find a professional, responsible and most human possible staff to work efficiently. We will always place the child’s wellbeing before all to select our team. 

Our teaching staff members will be trained Montessori teachers. External consultants will complete our permanent team to offer the largest variety of services :

A nurse for the treatment of medicine and pharmaceutic product
A speech 
A physiotherapist
an osteopath 
(physical program)
An art
A scientific committee specializing in public health, neuroscience, neuro-pediatrics, psychology and psychiatry

Additionally, the IMDS will seek to implement and evaluate the “Multiplier training” concept. The internal training of multipliers is based on a model protocol for the harmonization of multidisciplinary practices accredited by the Ethics Committee of the University of Geneva in 2018 and renewed in 2019 and is unique in Dubai.

Teachers but guides before all

It’s important that the teacher knows to structure his pedagogy to the child’s ability and to offer it in an attractive way to not make the child get bored. According to the Montessori’s methodology, the teachers will have more the rule of guides. They will guide the child to understand an activity and be able to make it himself, and to improve his skills by himself. 

Medical staff but educator monitor

Our medical staff will take the rule of educator monitor. Indeed, they are part of the child’s world and they are also important in his education. Removing the image of “medical staff” to “educator monitor” gives a positive image of the health care for children and makes them feel better and saferIt's important for us to have a medical staff who can intervene whenever a specific medical care is needed. 

Extras staff but society makers

For the logistic part, each person who will be part of our team (cooker, cleaner, driver or any other helper) will own the rule to create a peaceful area and show daily tasks to the children. Preparing the meal in front of a group of kids and make them participate is a way to create a home-like atmosphere. In that way, those people will be like society makers because they will offer a different interaction with the children and allow them to be active as well. Naturally, we will make sure that this staff’s members are always benevolent and respectful to our children.

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