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inclusive education


We all heard about integration of people with special characteristic/need but integration does not really help them to be fully placed in the heart of the society.


As the above-illustration shows, integration accepts the people with special needs but don’t let them mix with others.

Quite often, schools or nurseries open for “ordinary kids” while specific centers are dedicated to “kids with special need or disability”. And this creates a new kind of segregation as kids with special needs miss the opportunity to mix with others and feel totally accepted in their society.

difference ach.jpg


The problem for lot of families having a child with specific need or disability lies in finding an academic structure welcoming their child.


By setting up the IMSD with a fully inclusive and therapeutic program, we aim at generating a happier and more enriching learning journey. 

  Every day, in every classroom, all students, including those identified as experiencing special educational needs and disabilities, will learn and achieve in a safe, supportive environment. Within such a setting, their personal, social, emotional and academic needs are fully met.
HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum “My community… A city for everyone”
Inclusion is the fact to put in the same group of people every kind of person
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