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Plurilingualism project

A multilingual and intercultural school




Our school will be based on multinlingualism and interculturalism. That is exactly the representation of the life in Dubai. Those two points need to be integral part of the daily life’s institute. It gives the children the opportunity to develop more skills and to discover more cultures in order to be more open to the world and to the social life. 


According to the dictionary, the term plurilingualism means “the ability to use skills in a number of different languages for effective communication”. In our era, many people speak different languages and use them in different situation depending of their need (social life, family sphere or working place).

The advantages of the plurilingualism

The plurilingualism brings opportunities to people and to children. It opens their mind to another language but also to a new culture. Being able to talk another language helps to be more understanding the others and to be closer of them by sharing their mother tongue. Plurilingualism develops the positive attitudes to the kids towards others. The advantages for the children to start with an early plurilingual education are also to help them to develop metacognitive skills while learning different subjects and making different activities in different languages.








To allow a plurilingualism educational approach in our structure we will offer French, Arabic, English and Spanish lessons. It won’t be lessons as a language lesson with grammar points… but it will be to realize some activities with the children according to a topic and using the language target during all the activities. Of course, according to the child’s disability, we will adapt the quantity of foreign language to make the communication easier. For example, if a child with mental disability starts to be stressed because of not understanding a situation in another language, we will directly switch to his/her main language if it’s in our skills. The majority of our team’s members are native French speakers so it will be the main language of communication. Knowing that in Dubaï people speak different languages, English and Arabic will have their main place too. Thereby, the children will be able to distinct the different languages and to learn it without realizing it : cooking in French and doing sport in Spanish.

How to adapt it in our structure?
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