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Charity projects supporting children care

From 2010 until now

A message from the founder, Eva Medina 
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    Hello, my name is Eva Medina, I am a teacher¹ and a resident of the world.


    I have taught in several countries across the continents (France, Switzerland, Morocco, China, the U.A.E) and being involved in numerous charity projects supporting children care, specifically in orphanages². Children and children’s well-being have always been at the heart of my professional and personal life and the idea of setting up my own school has grown in me for years.


    It is when I settled in Dubai in 2018 that I felt the U.A.E was the right place to do so. True to its “everything is possible” motto, I was amazed by the fast moving and forward-thinking spirit of the UAE. But I also felt an overwhelming feeling of kindness and a genuine supporting spirit. Looking at official statistics, I figured out an opportunity was there for the IMSD to accompany children from all nationalities, in Dubai, to learn, self-develop and flourish, including those of determination and children with special needs.

    The International Montessori School of Dubai is a unique offer in Dubai combining a first in excellence Montessori teaching method and an integrated fully inclusive program for children with special needs.

¹Lecturer and Researcher in Health Law, Public Health, Gender, Psychology and Communication. PhD “Principle of autonomy in pregnant women as well as the impact of doctors-patients communication during pregnancy”, 2020.

²League of Human Right, 2010 until now.

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